Minister tells students to grab SP, Collector by the collar to become politician

Kawasi Lakhma

The Hush Post| 10:43 am|one-minute-read|

Here is a shocking lesson for the school students from a minister. Kawasi Lakhma, a Chhattisgarh minister gave a shocking lesson in politics to school students, telling them that they should “grab the collars of the Collector and SP” if they want to become politicians.

A video of the minister’s interaction emerged online today, showing him sitting outdoors surrounded by young boys in school uniform.

In the video 66-year-old Lakhma can be heard recounting an episode from his past when another student asked for tips to become a successful politician.

Lakhma, who is the excise and industries minister, made this comment during a Teacher’s Day event at a school in the state’s Sukma district.

After a brief pause, during which he looks around him, he replies: “Bada neta banana hain to Collector, SP ka collar pakdo (If you want to become a big politician, grab the collars of the Collector and the Superintendent of Police).”

As he makes his remark, Lakha raises a clenched fist in the air and grimaces, after which he smiles while the students and others gathered around him smiled and laughed.

Lakhma, who is also a five-time Congress MLA, made headlines earlier this year while campaigning for the national election – he was caught on video warning the voters in the state’s Kanker district that if they voted for an opposition candidate, they will get an electric shock from the machine.

Kawasi Lakhma was one of the survivors of a Naxal attack in 2013 that killed almost the entire top brass of the Chhattisgarh Congress.

He was suspected of involvement in the attack and was questioned in connection with the matter, but was later cleared by a NIA probe.

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