Chikmaglur, hill station, trekking, waterfall, bonfire- all in all experience | A must visit

Anusha Sharma– After a lot of discussions, my friends and I decided to go to Chikamaglur for our next holiday. For those who don’t know, Chikamaglur is a hill station in the Southern state of Karnataka.

It is well known for its coffee estates and beautiful hills.


We took an overnight bus and arrived at our homestay on a chilly morning at around 6 am. However, without wasting any time, we left our bags and headed out for the famous Mullayanagiri trek. The trek is known for its breathtaking sunrise that we couldn’t afford to miss. Now here was the tricky part; I am extremely scared of heights also, this was the first time I was going on a trek. Personally, hills have never appealed me due to the height factor but this time there was no turning back. Our plan was to cover two peaks. The first one was relatively small and the second one happened to be the highest peak of Karnataka!



We reached the first one easily but looking at the second one made me give up hope. It was still way ahead and had a tricky path to follow and I asked my friends to go ahead. But then, it were my friends who pushed me and asked me not to leave the battle halfway. It felt really dramatic and I could hear the Mountain Dew tagline in my head, ‘Darr ke aage jeet hai’! I somehow picked myself up and decided to go ahead. Sure enough, one hour later, all of us were at the top of Karnataka. We treated ourselves to hot Maggi and coffee being served at nearby stalls and posed for pictures.



After the exhilarating trek, the next day turned out to be more calm and peaceful. We started our day by going to a nearby waterfall and spent our entire morning under the refreshing water. Post that, we decided to visit the famous temples around the area. Now this may sound boring, but the architectural beauty and the fine detailing was breathtaking to look at. Southern India is well known for its temples, and the ones in Chikamaglur proved that. There was a story hidden in each carving and it was mesmerizing to witness the architectural excellence that existed hundreds of years ago. It turned out to be spiritual and beautiful day under the shining sun.

At night, we sat around a bonfire with people from all walks of life and shared our stories and experiences. It was a memorable end to the entire trip. Next morning, we took an early bus and reached our homes just in time to attend our 10 am class! All in all, this trip would go down in my memory lane and I would highly recommend everyone to visit the place at least once.




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