Chinese spacecraft lands on far side of Moon


The Hush Post| 11:53 pm |one-minute-read

China has said that its spacecraft has made a successful landing on the far side of the Moon. This side has not been explored by mankind ever.

According to South China Morning Post, Chang’e 4 lunar spacecraft – launched on December 8 – made a landing at 1026hrs Hong Kong time (0756hrs IST). It carries a number of high-end equipment which have been designed and manufactured to study and record the surface of the Moon’s far side that has so far not been explored. It also has equipment to carry out biological experiments.

The report quotes China National Space Administration and says that the major part of operation objectives of  Chang’e 4 would be studying the terrain, astronomical observation, assessing the minerals available and it would also take stock of neutron radiation and neutral atoms in an effort to understand the environment of this part of the Moon.

The spacecraft will also grow vegetables and flowers inside an airtight container.

China says that there are possibilities that the landing of Chang’e 4 opens up because this is the first time such a mission has reached the far side of the Moon.

Before this, all the missions focused only on the near side since maintaining radio communications on the far side was considered impossible.


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