A month-long guide, 10-minute a day, to keep your kitchen clean without sweating it out

The Hush Post: The kitchen is the most important part of the house where ladies at some point don’t wish to tread into, fearing the sweat, toil, the monotony, the thinking that goes into running a kitchen and the physical labour, of course. Even if a domestic help is there to do the needful, it’s only your organisational skills that’ll help you get things done your way, and managed better. If you are partially doing kitchen chores by yourself, this 30-day guide, 10 minutes every day will keep your kitchen sorted and you’ll feel like getting there again and again, and will also get you the much-deserved appreciation of family and friends.

Most of the times, its that one day of the month you decide to fold up your sleeves and go on a cleanliness over-drive, the end of the day your family is a harried lot listening to how much slogging you do. Apart from the everyday cooking and cleaning, stick this quick guide on to a place on the wall or wherever, and just get going to make your and your family’s life easier.

Day 1 Clean the utensil rack staring at you right above your head

Day 2 Wipe the fridge clean, throw away, unused, stale stuff

Day 3 Clean microwave, mixer-grinder, oxyfryer, OTG, toaster/ induction plate or any other electric appliances in the kitchen in one go

Day 4 Dusting the top cabins, which you don’t reach out to everyday

Day 5  Cleaning the inside of the cupboards, one on each day (if they are too many, leave the other ones when you have a little extra time someday)

Day 6  Cleaning the inside of drawers

Day 7  Cleaning areas around gas cylinder, trash can

Day 8  Give your gas stove a spa

Day 9 Cleaning tea/ sugar/ spice jars which remain outside on the shelves

Day 10 Cleaning the racks above/near the gas stove

Day 11 Swipe clean the wooden, steel drawers from outside

Day 12 Cleaning the kitchen taps

Day 13 Removing cobwebs

Day 14 Dusting water purifiers from outside

Day 15 Cleaning exhaust fan/ chimneys

Day 16 Cleaning water bottles/ jugs/ mugs

Day 17 Extensive cleaning of tiffins/ storage jars used for storing pulses, snacks, etc

Day 18 Cleaning a particular almirah, if any, or re-arranging the things inside

Day 19 Cleaning exposed exteriors like kitchen slab with salt+baking powder+vinegar

Day 20 Wiping these places again with clean piece of moist cloth again because the mixture leaves a haze if not cleaned properly

Day 21 Under-the sink cleanliness

Day 22 Removal of unwanted things —dry veggies, green chillies, bottles, empty plastics

Day 23 Cleaning doors, knobs, windows

Day 24 Using remedies to keep ants, cockroaches, lizards, rats away

Day 25 Cleaning covers, lids of small bottles, jars

Day 26 Soaking extra-towels, aprons, dusters, in washing powder, washing and drying

Day 27 Cleaning the dining table, changing covers, mat, getting rid of stains etc.

Day 28 Cleaning and changing decorations, if any

Day 29 Changing covers, paper linings on racks

Day 30 Wipe down baking containers, aluminium tins, other items used for baking

Day 31 Dusting and wiping the extra crockery of  the used occasionally


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