Have you lived your life believing these coffee myths?

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Coffee is one of the new-age fads of the present generation. However, due to lack of knowledge and experience, some give up their newly acquired taste due to myths.

They do not dig into the reasonable scientific explanations and tend to believe the grapevine.

But today, we are going to trash and quash the much hyped myths about the consumption of coffee. We’ll bust them with the truth.

MYTH 1 # Insomnia will attack you!

Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant. It might gives instant energy but it is temporary. If you have coffee post lunch, it would flush out from your body within 4 to 7 hours. Therefore, don’t be scared to have coffee in the afternoon.

MYTH 2 #  Coffee dehydrates you!

This is one of the biggest coffee myths. Therefore to eliminate it British researchers studied the body fluid levels of 50 men and found the same so as of the men who drank coffee on a regular basis.

MYTH 3 # Retards one’s growth

This myth exists since ages and mostly short heighted people are told that their overall growth is less or will stop in the future if they consume coffee. However, it is baseless.

There is no scientific explanation that supports the statement.

MYTH 4 # Coffee helps lose weight

Personally, I could have become invisible going by this myth. I never heard from anybody that the reason I am so skinny is me drinking coffee.

The truth is that caffeine is able to slightly increase your metabolism but not enough to cut off your weight. Another fact is that consumption of coffee also reduces one’s desire to eat but for a temporary run.

MYTH 5 # Coffee might help get over hangover

However, if you think so, rethink. Coffee won’t help you sober up rather it would only stimulate the nervous system to improve focus. At the most, it might just make you feel a little less dizzy.

So, next time if someone tries to put you off coffee with some unreasonable explanations, just clear the air.


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