Condoms get promotion from penises to fingers in Singapore– courtesy Corona virus

condoms on fingers

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Ever heard of people wearing condoms instead of gloves. In Singapore, cheap condoms are being worn on fingers to escape Corona Virus.

Well, due to a medical emergency in Singapore, the state is in panic. The health ministry there issued an oranger alert for Corona Virus that killed near 1,500 people in China.

An orange alert is severe. The reason to worry as it is only a step away from the red alert. An orange alert means the disease is severe and spreading easily from person to person but has not spread widely and is being contained.

In view of this, Singaporeans have run amok and stocked up on all essential items, including mass, etc. before they quarantined themselves in their houses.

So, things were just flying off shelves. According to reports, the sales of condoms have gone up as people are using condoms in Singapore before they touch any public surface, especially inside lifts — to press buttons as those buttons are high-risk areas and are not possibly hygienic.

According to Singapore’s health ministry, as on February 13, there have been 58 confirmed cases, 15 have been discharged, 711 cases tested negative and 82 results are awaited.

Singapore being the hub of international flights is quite vulnerable to Coronavirus.

In fact, there’s a flight taking off and arriving every 80 seconds in Changi airport.


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