The Hush Post: There is still confusion over the fact that whether government will raise minimum pay and fitment factor beyond the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. Reports on higher minimum pay have left the central government employees in a state of confusion. The National Anomaly Committee (NAC), which was formed to resolve matters related to the implementation of the recommendations, has rejected consideration of the issue of higher minimum pay as an ‘anomaly’. Recently, a letter from the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) to Secretary of Staff Side Shiv Gopal Mishra stated that the demand for an increase in minimum pay and fitment formula beyond the recommendation of the seventh CPC does not appear to be treated as an anomaly and therefore these do not come under the purview of the NAC. There is no scope to change in minimum pay Rs 18,000, recommended by the seventh pay commission and approved by the cabinet. There were reports that the government had given green signal to the NAC for increasing minimum pay to Rs 21,000 from Rs 18,000, which was recommended by the seventh CPC and approved by the Cabinet, with fitment factor 3.00.

The central government employees have been asking to raise minimum pay to Rs 26,000 from Rs 18,000 and fitment factor 3.68 times from 2.57 times.


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