Rahul Gandhi & PM Modi are true world leaders in fake Twitter following; over half the followers of NaMo & RaGa are fake

As per Twitter Audit report, 2,41,80000 of Modi’s 4,03,00000 twitter followers are fake while Rahul Gandhi’s followers are hiked by 67 per cent of the actual number

The Hush Post: Recently released data of the micro networking site Twitter reveals that the Twitter followers of some of India’s, and the world’s, mostly followed leaders and celebrities on Twitter has shown some shocking facts, The Times of India reported on Wednesday.

Modi & Rahul
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Photo courtesy Times Now Hindi

As per the recently released numbers, All India Congress Congress Committee (AICC) president Rahul Gandhi leads with the highest percentage of fake Twitter followers at 67 per cent. RaGa is followed close behind by BJP president Amit Shah, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and Prime Minister Narendra Modi –all of whom have more fake followers than real, the daily reported.

On global front, United States (US) President Donald Trump may not be as famous in the real world, but in the virtual world of social media, he rules everyone. His percentage of fake followers is much lower than those of Indian leaders – at 26 per cent, the report said.

When this report was released recently, that time Narendra Modi’s followers on Twitter stood at 40.3 million or 4.03 crore. At present Modi’s followers are 41 million, an increase of 0.7 million in a short span of less than a month.

As per Twitter Audit report, 24180000 of Modi’s 40300000 twitter followers are fake. These include internet bots-an automated application used to imitate workings of accounts of actual humans, thereby imitating them, and inactive followers.

@realDonaldTrump -President Trump had 37 per cent fake followers on February 21, this year.

@narendramodi Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had 60 per cent fake followers on February 21, this year.

@Kingsalman – King Salman had eight per cent fake followers on February 21.


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