Cops shamed after videos emerge of them punishing daily wagers walking home hundreds of kms due to joblessness

The Hush Post| 7: 29 pm| one-minute-read|

Two days after the total lockdown across the country by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus, videos of cops punishing those who violated curfews have emerged.

However, in some of the videos, people can be seen going home because of joblessness as a result of COVID-19. They have no vehicle and little or nothing to eat. And that is when in one such video from western Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun town – a group of young men forced to hop down a main road with bags strapped to their backs.

Reports from the town suggest they were migrant workers trying to return home amid the lockdown. They were caught by the cops, who refused to listen to their pleas, and humiliated by being made to hop and crawl in this heat.
“The policeman seen in the video is a probationer with about a year of experience. Senior officers were present but manning other spots. Corrective action will be taken. I apologise for the video and am ashamed about what happened,” AK Tripathi, the Budaun police chief, said.
Across the country heart-breaking pictures and videos have emerged of migrant labour, mostly daily wagers, being forced to return home by walking hundreds of kilometres in the absence of public transport.


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