Corona-impact |Without food 4 days, 16 of a family walking home 330 kms away rescued by cops

Without food for four days

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Without food for four days, 16 people who were walking from Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi to Samastipur, a distance of about 330 km, during the lockdown over the Corona Virus pandemic were rescued by the police.

They were found walking along a railway track after they could not find transport to reach their home during the lockdown. They said they were working in Calicut in Kerala. Somehow they had managed to reach Jhansi by train. However, the railways then announced a shut down of services. Following this they were left to fend for themselves.

“From Jhansi, we took a lift from some trucks that were passing by and managed to reach Varanasi but for the onward journey, we have no option but to walk,” one of them said.

The group reached Kuchman railway station when Superintendent of Police Hemant Kutiyal came to know and rescued them. One of them said they were walking along the railway track so that they do not get lost.

In yet another incident, the police in Meerut said they rescued a labourer, his wife and four children who had been walking around in search of food. The family had not eaten for more than 48 hours.

“The entire family was in a bad shape. But, thankfully, they reached well in time. We gave them food and some money too,” senior police officer Bijender Rana said.



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