Coronavirus doesn’t spread through chicken, mutton and seafood, says FSSAI chief

The Hush Post | 8:23 pm | One-minute read |

As coronavirus scare hits India, all sorts of rumours are doing rounds. One of them suggests that eating non-vegetarian food may lead to spread of virus. However, there is some respite for non-vegetarians.

Food Safety and Standards Authority India (FSSAI) has clarified that coronavirus doesn’t spread through eating chicken, mutton, and seafood. FSSAI chief G S G Ayyangar on Thursday also asserted that the virus would not survive in higher temperatures.

Ayyangar said, “There is a misconception that coronavirus will spread through chicken, mutton and seafood. There is nothing like that. It is scientifically not proven. I am a scientist, I will not buy this argument”.

He further said, “It is basically an animal virus. Let us leave it to scientists to figure out how it has been transmitted…however, ours is a tropical country and once the temperature crosses 35-36 degrees celsius, no virus will survive. Let us pray to God that winter ends and the temperature rises”.

Ayyangar, has previously worked with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

Notably, 30 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in India.


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