Couple caught having sex on bonnet of a car by Google camera

The couple were caught in a wild embrace by a google user who wanted to find some animals but what he found was this

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A couple was caught having sex on the roadside by a Google Street View camera in Taiwan. The pair was completely naked and was romping on the bonnet of a car. The incident has been reported from mountainous Shantian Road, Taichung.

The picture of their intimate moment has been viewed by thousands on the internet.


Their amorous act would have been a secret if it were not for an eagle-eyed Google user who spotted the couple before posting their embrace across social media.

After watching this scene, this user said, “I had a look at Google to see if I could find some animals. But suddenly I got to see this amazing sight unexpectedly.” He said, “Google Map is the world’s biggest invention ever. It is bigger than God.”Google catches sex

His tweet has been widely shared and has now been seen by tens of thousands of people.

And for those who feel tempted to use the Google feature following this episode, here is a tip.

If you were to look straight up the road on your computer or mobile device, you would only see their white Kia SUV.

Only if you rotated the camera using Google Maps’s 360 degree technology would you stumble upon the naked lovers pressed up against eachother.

As of now Google removed the image from the internet in violation of policies.


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