Couple commits suicide after fight to eat chicken during Navratras

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Fights over what to eat at home are quite common between couples. But a Bareilly couple shocked everyone when they committed suicide after their fight to have chicken in Navratras.

In an unusual occurrence at Rajepur village of Kheri district, the husband, Anand Vihari Verma and his wife Phoolmati got into a fight over what to have in dinner. According to media reports the husband who was allegedly drunk wanted to eat chicken but his wife refused to cook since it was Navratras.

Adamant to have chicken in dinner, the husband went into the kitchen and started to cook chicken. When his wife saw she started fighting with him. After a heated argument between husband and wife, the wife consumed poison.

In remorse husband also swallowed poison. The couple has three children, one daughter and two sons. The daughter stays in Sitapur while the two sons live in other districts.

According to the police, the deceased couple’s daughter received a call from her father who told her that Phoolmati had consumed poison. Shocked daughter immediately called her uncle who rushed the couple to a hospital. The wife Phoolmati was declared dead on arrival while husband died just as he was being treated.

Police said that Phoolmati was deeply hurt when her husband decided to cook chicken since she was devoutly observed Navratra fast.


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