Absence of social distancing can lead to a +ve man infecting 406 people in 30 days: ICMR

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A man infected with coronavirus can infect up to 406 people in 30 days, says a study. The study, undertaken by ICMR says that in absence of lockdown and social distancing, a infected man can further infect over 400 persons. The Health Ministry revealed the facts on Wednesday.

On the contrary, the possibility of the infection can be reduced to an average of just 2.5 persons per patient if preventive measures are in place.  Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health Lav Agarwal cited the ICMR study for the same.

Agarwal said that the current ‘R0’ or R naught for the coronavirus infection is somewhere between 1.5 and 4. It means that an average of between 1.5 and 4 persons can catch COVID-19 from one infected person.

“If we take the ‘R0’ to be 2.5 then one positive person can infect 406 people in 30 days, if the lockdown and social distancing measures are not in place, but if social exposure is reduced by 75 per cent then that one sick person will only be able to infect only 2.5 persons,” Agarwal said.

The Health Ministry has appealed to the people to adopt social distancing and follow the lockdown order.

Notably, 124 people have died due to coronavirus in India and the number of positive cases has risen to 4789.


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