Cow-dung cakes up for sale in US; social media goes into a tizzy

The Hush Post | 6:20 pm | One-minute read |

A picture showing cow-dung cakes made in India displayed for sale at an American store has gone viral on social media. The makers have mentioned on the label that the cakes are ‘non-eatable’ so that the local customers don’t take them to be edible.

The packet contains 10 cow-dung cakes and it has been clearly mentioned that they are to be used only for religious purposes.  The cow-dung cakes are sold under the brand name ‘Subzi Mandi’ at a grocery store in Edison, New Jersey. The cost of one packet is $2.99 only or Rs 215.

Interestingly, the picture of these cow-dung cakes up for sale in America has created a storm on social media. Social media users are posting all sorts of comments on the picture. While one said he was ‘shocked’, another user said she felt great seeing the packet labeled not eatable.

One of the users questioned the authenticity of the cow-dung cakes. He asked what was the guarantee that only cow dung had been used to manufacture the cakes?

Notably, people in rural India still use cow-dung cakes as fuel to cook food.  Online shopping website Amazon too sells the cow-dung cakes online. The site sells them for Rs 150.


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