CRPF jawan was speaking to wife when attack happened, then there was silence & she knew something was wrong

Pradeep Kumar Yadav

The Hush Post |14:10 pm|two-minute-read

The CRPF jawan Pradeep Kumar Yadav was talking to his wife on the phone when the blast occured in Pulwama. Then suddenly even as Pradeep’s wife Neeraj Devi sought an answer but there was pin drop silence on the phone except the cacophony in the aftermath of the blast.
“I was speaking to him. He spoke about our younger daughter Sona for about 10 minutes. He was very fond of her. Then suddenly there was a blast which occured and subsequent silence,” said Neeraj Devi.
At the time the incident took place Neeraj was at her mother’s place at Barasirohi. She immediately rushed to Ajan Sukhsenpur village in Kannauj in UP.
Later, Neeraj says, “I received a call from CRPF control room, that my husband died in Pulwama attacks.”
Neeraj now has two daughters to bring up — 10-year-old Supriya and two-year-old Sona.
Neeraj’s relatives say the moment the call Neeraj took ended she broke out in screams. Pradeep’s cousin Sonu says, they are proud of Pradeep’s sacrifice but wants that the sacrifice should not go in vain.
In the Pulwama attacks, 40 soldiers from 16 Indian states have sacrificed their lives.


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