Dad used to say 10 out of 10 isn’t good, son scores 171 out of 170

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Scoring a 100 percentile in examinations is dream for everyone, and many even successfully achieve the feat. But what if one scores 101 marks out of 100? Well, Patiala’s Ankur Garg has stunned everybody by achieving the impossible. Ankur Garg scored 171 marks out of 171 in his final exam in Macro Economics taken at the Harward University.

An office of the prestigious Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Ankur Garg passed his Class XII examination under the non-medical stream from Mahindra College in Patiala.

In his facebook post Ankur wrote, “When I was in school, my father used to say – 10 out of 10 isn’t good enough in any exam. Always strive for 11 out of 10. I hardly understood how that’s done”.

Ankur’s father is a plastic surgeon. The family hails from Patiala but has settled down in Delhi. Posting a picture of his score card, Ankur said, “In the last phase (possibly!) of student life now, I end up getting this score (171 out of 170) in the final exam of the macroeconomics course. The icing on the cake – it comes at Harvard and is signed by Jeffrey Frankel himself! This one is for you, dad”.

Youngest IAS officer

Out of the four exams taken, Ankur scored 2 marks extra each in two papers. In one paper he scored 2 marks less and one mark less in the remaining paper. The examination was held under the International Development Program.

Ankur became an IAS in 2002 at the age of 22. He cleared it in his first attempt.


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