Fidayeen-attack type threat to Dalai Lama’s life, security to undergo major overhaul

Dalai Lama

The Hush Post: As per the intelligence inputs there is a threat to the Tibetan Spiritual guru Dalai Lama’s life.

Reports suggest the government of India has issued an advisory to this effect. As a result, there are apparent security changes which are being made to Dalai Lama’s security.

The unconfirmed inputs suggest, there could be a possibility of Fidayeen-type attack threat on the spiritual guru.

This essentially also means that Tibetans coming or fleeing to India from their homeland will find it difficult to cross the border. They will not be allowed to enter without valid paperwork. And they will not be allowed to meet Dalai Lama. Most of the Tibetans enter India through the Nepal border.

Meetings the Dalai Lama otherwise too will become much more difficult and one will have to go through several layers of checks.

Thousands of Tibetans flee to India from Tibet to escape the Chinese intervention in their homeland. Though, there was a temporary stop to it when the 14th Karmapa Lama secretly entered India. Tibetans again started coming to India in huge numbers.

Pertinently, this will change and put a temporary stop to Tibetan coming to India through Nepal border. Also people meeting Dalai Lama would be put through extra checks, notably those who have come to India more recently may not get to meet the spiritual guru.


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