De De Pyaar De movie review: Stale tale of love and age

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Bollywood is no stranger to love triangles. In fact, it is one of its favourite topics to use in a love story. But how do you spruce up something that’s been done only like a gazillion times before? You add in an age gap factor that’ll hopefully give way to whacky situations and a madcap ride of laughter. Except, none of it happens here.


Ashish Mehra (Ajay Devgn) falls in love with the spunky Ayesha Khurana (Rakul Preet Singh). He is 50 and she is 26. Their love story takes off in the backdrop of London and travels all the way to India. This is where his ex-wife Manju (Tabu) enters the picture. The age gap is not the problem here; it’s the treatment. The age gap turns into a redundant exercise of repeated and unintelligent gags about Ashish’s ‘budhapa’.


The screenplay by Luv Ranjan makes sure to cram in some sexist jokes; much in line with his filmography that includes Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Sonu KeTitu Ki Sweety.

The soundtrack overpowers the narrative, instead of aiding it. Loud and boisterous, the background score spoon-feeds the audience what to feel.


Ajay Devgn looks broody in most scenes which isn’t anything new. Maybe the makers were going for that appeal.

Bollywood’s idea of millennial attitude is to be unrealistically impulsive and Rakul Preet’s character is a testimony of that. As Ayesha, she is made out to be highly energetic, talkative and borderline annoying. Her character is more akin to being 19 than 26.

The only redeemable performance is by the ever dependable Tabu. She makes the most of every scene and single-handedly lifts the second half with her presence.

Jimmy Shergill reprises his role of the guy who doesn’t get the girl for the umpteenth time.

The movie also stars the highly talented Kumud Mishra, who is wasted in a small and forgettable part.


The movie does have a few laughs here and there, but nothing memorable. Mostly, it’s a tacky and half-hearted take on age-defying relationships that don’t bring anything novel to the table.

The movie could have been a fun, situational comedy that also gives insight into what it means to be in a relationship with someone much older or younger.

So what are you waiting for? If you think the movie is your kind, head out to the cinema near you!

Rating: 2/5


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