Delhi’s GB Road red light truth: Forced to go through 10-15 customers daily using layers of fairness cream

DCW rescues 2 women from delhi brothel

Two women rescued from Delhi’s red light area who were lured with jobs 

The Hush Post: Two women were rescued from a red-light area in Delhi in an operation by the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW). The commission had received a complaint about these women on its 181 Women Helpline.

They had been held captive in a house in the Yamuna Vihar area from where they somehow managed to escape, a statement by the DCW said.DCW rescues 2 women from delhi brothel

They landed up in Delhi from Kolkata on the false promise of employment. One of them, aged 28, had met a woman who brought her to Delhi on the pretext of getting her a job and sold her off in the GB Road area, the statement read.

She informed that she had to face 10-15 men daily, and on refusing, she was beaten up badly and told that she would be murdered.

The rescued woman also told the DCW that fairness cream was applied on her face and neck, due to which her neck has got severely burnt. She was held captive in GB road for 2-3 months.

Aged 20, the other girl, had come to the city with a woman to get a job. She was unable to get one for a long time, following which another woman duped her and sold her off in the red-light area, the commission said.

Both managed to escape and got in touch with the DCW who took them to the Kamla Market police station to register an FIR.


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