Rescued woman confined to terrace for last 2 yrs by brother, found sitting in the midst of her own excreta

DCW rescues Delhi woman

The Hush Post: How are human beings different from animals? One of the features that distinguishes us from them is being human to others.

DCW rescues Delhi woman
The rescued woman (right) with the DCW chairman

The hollowness of human relations can be gauged from the travails of a 50-year-old woman, but looks 90, who had been surviving on one bread piece every four days. She had been allegedly held captive on the terrace of her brother’s house at Sector 7 in Rohini at Delhi, till the Delhi Commission for Women rescued her on Tuesday, according to a news report.

Sounds unbelievable, but the truth is when the DCW team reached her, she was sitting on and surrounded by her own excreta.

“She did not even have water to drink and would save rain water . She had been wearing the same set of clothes for the past two years,” the DCW said in a statement.

The elder brother of the unfortunate woman had called the commission’s 181 helpline number. He had told the DCW that the woman was not mentally sound. He also revealed that he had not been allowed to meet her by his own younger brother with whom she lives.

When the DCW team reached the house, the family members refused to open the gate. The commission then sought the help of the police to enter the house. The team gained access to the house by climbing the neighbour’s roof.

According to the news report, the woman used to live in her parental house along with her mother. However, after her mother’s death, she started living with the younger brother. An FIR has been registered and the woman has been admitted to a local hospital.


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