95-yr-old lady held captive by daughter-in-law without clothes, toilet, rescued by ‘The Delhi Commission for Women’

95 year old lady

The Hush Post|13:30 pm|1-min-read

On Friday, a 95-year-old woman was rescued by The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW). She was allegedly being held captive by her daughter-in-law in North West Delhi. According to the DCW official, the woman’s son called them. He said that his wife and in-laws have been torturing his mother for over three months. He also mentioned that he was having a marital conflict with his wife.”The complainant also informed that his mother was completely bed-ridden.

In his complaint, the woman’s son mentioned that whenever he tried to meet his mother, he had to take help from the local police. His wife does not let him enter the house. Taking action on his request, the DCW team went to the location in where the old woman was kept. Initially, his wife didn’t allow the team to enter the house.

However, after her husband had given a written consent that after taking his mother from home he would never return to the house again, she permitted the team to enter.

When the DCW and police entered the room where the man’s mother was kept, they were shocked to see the condition in which the old woman was kept. She seemed very ill and was covered with only a thin piece of cloth and had to relieve herself in a bucket placed near the bed. She was immediately shifted to the hospital. The doctor informed that she has a severe infection and needs to be treated immediately.

DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal said, “It is really sad that the 95-year-old lady was kept in such poor conditions. The Commission shall work on her rehabilitation. The old woman is still in the hospital and her son is looking after her.



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