Angered by nagging, Delhi teenager stabs family to death; tries to pin murders on father whom he hated the most

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A teenager who hated his family for their constant pestering allegedly stabbed his parents and sister to death in Delhi. The boy did so as he did not like the constant badgering by his family over his “wayward lifestyle.”

First, the boy tried to pin the murders on his father whom he hated the most. Then he tried to pass off the murders as the handiwork of some unidentified robbers, a report said.

The teenager committed the shocking triple murder at their apartment in the Kishangarh in South Delhi on early Wednesday, the report said.

The 19-year-old accused, Sarnam Verma alias Suraj, bought a knife and a pair of scissors on Tuesday for this purpose. In the wee hours on Wednesday, he stabbed his parents and sisters who were in deep sleep, police said.

The teenage boy, who sustained minor injuries while stabbing his parents and sister, later tried to pass off the killings as the handiwork of unidentified robbers

DCP (South West) Devender Arya said that Suraj sustained minor injuries while stabbing the trio. He later tried to pass off the murders as the handiwork of some unidentified robbers. “However, the evidence at the spot and the inconsistent version of events narrated by Suraj gave him away,” Arya said.

Suraj is a first-year student of civil engineering at a Gurugram college. The teenager lived with his parents, father Mithilesh and mother Siya (in their 40s), and a 16-year-old sister. An interior designer contractor Mithilesh owned a four-storey building in Kishangarh village near Vasant Kunj.

The Verma family lived in a two-bedroom apartment on the first floor. They had rented out other flats in the building. Suraj’s teenage sister was a class 11 student at a private school.

The murders came to light around 5 am on Wednesday when a neighbourhood couple returned home from a hospital. “We were entering our apartment when we heard Suraj calling out for help. He was leaning against his flat’s balcony and told us robbers had attacked him and his family,” said neighbour Renu Verma.

As main gate of ground floor was locked from inside, Renu’s husband Yogendra jumped from his balcony into Suraj’s home. “I found Mithilesh lying dead in one bedroom and his wife and daughter with stab wounds in another room. Suraj had relatively minor injuries on his finger, back, and head,” said Yogendra.

“It was Suraj who gave us the keys to the main gate,” said Renu. The neighbours informed the police. They rushed the four members of the family to a hospital where doctors declared three of them brought dead.

“Suraj told us that two men had entered the flat and attacked his family for resisting a robbery. He claimed that his mother was killed while trying to save him,” Renu said.

The cops said that Suraj gave a version riddled with loopholes from the very beginning. “The only entrance to the house for an outsider was possible through the balcony. Our investigations revealed no one had entered through the balcony,” DCP Arya said.

Though Suraj had tried to pass off the murders as a robbery bid-gone-wrong, the cash, jewellery and other valuables at the house had been untouched.

“Suraj broke down and confessed. Initially, he claimed that his father had killed his wife and sister first. Suraj claimed he killed his father after watching the man kill his wife and daughter. Later, he confessed that he had killed all of them in their sleep,” said the DCP.

The officer said Suraj had a “reckless lifestyle” that irked his parents and sister. “Suraj told us that academics did not interest him. He had failed once in class 12 and would choose to watch films with friends instead of attending college,” said the DCP, quoting Suraj.

To stay away from his parents, Suraj and eight friends had together rented a small flat in nearby Mehrauli, said the officer. “His father would beat him for not studying. The last time his father beat him up on August 15 when he chose to go kite flying instead of attending tuitions. He also hated his mother for objecting to home visits by his friends and frequently checking on him,” said the officer.

Police said Suraj did not spare his sister either as he grudged her for “secretly checking his mobile phone and then reporting his activities to his parents”. “Suraj said he hated his father the most. He also said he was sad after killing his sister and had cried over her body before the murders came to light,” said an investigator.

Police investigations have revealed that Suraj had also faked his own kidnapping in 2013. “He has now confessed that he was never kidnapped and that he had gone with his friends. No police case was filed then. He had returned a day after,” the investigator added.

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