Boost to ‘Make in India’ or absurdity of capitalism? Pattals find way to big retail stores, and at exorbitant prices

The Hush Post | 8:23 pm | One-minute read |

Call it the boost to the Make In India initiative or pure absurdity of capitalism, our traditional ‘pattals’ are helping make the big retail chains a fortune.

Nicobar, a high-end retail brand is making huge profits be selling our traditional leaf plates. The retailer is known for its stores in posh South Delhi localities like Khan Market and Vasant Vihar. While the plates are locally famous as ‘sambal patta’, Nicobar is selling them as ‘Pattal Quarter Plate’ and that too at exorbitant prices.

Nicobar is selling the pattals at a price of Rs. 100 for a set of 8 plates. That comes to Rs. 13 a piece. And when you go to buy them at the local market, you will get a set of 100 for around Rs 200. You can surely gauge the difference and the profits such stores are making.

Notably, these pattals had lost the race to the plastic made plates, but have gained their prominence as the world is saying no to plastic. Nicobar on its website claims to be an environment friendly brand and says it has has made a 85% reduction in plastic packaging.

These pattals can also be bought online, though the price is much less than that of Nicobar, but more than that of the local grocery store.

While all these companies are making huge profits, and making all sorts of claims, the question still remains whether the small scale industries and their workers share the spoils or not.


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