Brother uses teenage sister as honeytrap to murder man who spoiled his marriage with his love interest

Woman gets her own son killed by contract killers as son opposed her illicit relations; arrested with accomplices
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The Hush Post: Taking revenge to a next level, a man from Delhi used his teenage sister as honeytrap to murder a man who had spoiled his marriage prospects with a girl of his choice by opposing the alliance. The former killed the latter in a brutal and cold-blooded manner but he finally landed in the custody of police who managed to crack the case.

A report carried by The Times of India stated that a man used his teenage sister as bait to kill the relative of a girl he (the former) wanted to marry as that relative had opposed to the alliance. The man used his minor sister to honeytrap the relative.

According to the man’s plan his sister befriended that relative and called him to a “romantic meeting” in Tughlakabad Fort in Delhi. The victim fell in their trap. At the fort, the accused with one his DJ friend stabbed the victim to death and then tried to burn the body of victim by pouring kerosene on it. The police were able to solve the case as they stumbled upon the body recently. The cops identified the deceased man from a tattoo on his hand, the report said.

The cops were able to crack the case through technical surveillance and statement of a friend of the victim – who had reportedly accompanied him but later fled smelling a rat, the report said

DCP (south east) Chinmoy Biswal reportedly told TOI that the accused man, his sister and her juvenile female friend, the DJ and two other friends have been arrested.

A partially burnt body was found on May 6 from Tughlakabad forests adjoining the mediaeval fort. The body had a tattoo on the forearm. On holding enquiries from nearby areas about a missing man, victim was identified as Neeraj, a resident of Faridabad.

The police found that Neeraj was in a relationship with a minor girl for some time and that the girl had called him that day. The police found the number of another girl active at the scene of crime and interviewed her. She confessed to the crime and spilled the beans on her friend. The two girls led the cops to the girl’s brother and his friends. During interrogation, the accused confessed their crime and narrated the details.

The TOI report said that the main accused, who was already married since 2013, had fallen in love with another girl four months ago. However, this girl was already engaged with a relative of Neeraj. She was supposed to get married on April 20.

The main accused, on April 19, went to the girl’s house in an inebriated condition and created a scene by asking the girl not to get married to somebody else. The accused was also accompanied by his mother and the woman supported her son, the cops reportedly said.

Neeraj, who was in the house that time, confronted the accused and pushed him. Neeraj’s friend, Manoj, also joined him in thrashing the main accused.

Burning with anger, the main accused planned revenge and to murder Neeraj and his friend Manoj. Under this plan, he asked his minor sister to befriend with Neeraj. As per plan, the minor girl started speaking to Neeraj and finally called him to meet her on May 6. She also roped in another friend of hers to lure Neeraj’s friend Manoj.

Neeraj and Manoj met the girls at the fort and went inside. They then went to the nearby forest to get intimate, the cops said.

Manoj fled away after spotting one of the accused. But Neeraj was caught unawares and assaulted by the accused who stabbed him six times and slit his throat, the report said.

The report said that Manoj came to know about the murder a day later but did not go to the police immediately out of fear. As the cops closed in on the suspects, Manoj helped them to solve the case.

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