Burari deaths: Bhavnesh realised big mistake at eleventh hour, but it was too late…Read more

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The Hush Post: During the police investigation in the mysterious Burari deaths, some new revelations are coming to the fore. In a news report, one of the police officers investigating the case has said that one of the sons of Narayani Devi, Bhavnesh had tried to save himself  by removing the tape and cloth on his mouth. He tried to raise an alarm and his legs were also close to the ground, the police said.

The forensic experts believe that he tried to stand on his feet to avoid the death. “Even the initial autopsy report says that Bhavnesh died of partial hanging,” the news report said while quoting another officer.

The forensic experts and the investigating team revisited the Burari house on July 6 and inspected the entire house. The police took measurements of the balconies, the terrace, walls, etc to know if any outsider could have entered the house. Measurements of the height of the family members was matched with the distance of their feet from the floor.

The inspection was a part of the “draft mapping” investigation of the police, in which different aspects of the mass suicide were covered, like the position of the hanging bodies, items used,  height of the victims, entry and exit points of the house, etc.

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