WATCH VIDEO; Police moves from suicide to possible mass-murder in Burari deaths, manhunt for one ‘Baba Janegadi’

Burari deaths: Police working on various theories; mass salvation theory in focus
Family from Burari

The Hush Post: Narayan Devi, the eldest member of the family, who died in Burari, has one more son and daughter who live away from Delhi and are said to be in shock. Her eldest son Dinesh Bhatia lives in Rajasthan’s Kota and daughter Sujata lives in Panipat in Haryana.

“I can’t believe that they committed suicide. Everyone was so happy. Someone has killed my family and the police have to find them,” Sujata Bhatia, Narayana Devi’s daughter told a news agency, adding that all of them had celebrated her other sister ’s daughter’s engagement ceremony just 14 days ago.  A neighbour who reached the spot on finding about the incident said, “To convince so many people to commit suicide, especially teenagers,  at the same time is not possible. There is some foul play”. The police said CCTV footage shows that food was delivered at the Bhatia home on Saturday night, around 10:40 pm, on Sunday morning they were found hanging. No one was seen entering or leaving the house after that, until the neighbour who found the bodies on Sunday.

There is another strange detail that has been unearthed. 11 pipes have been found protruding from one wall of the house, all set close together. There is no water outlet that has been found on the other side of the house in which the Bhatias lived.

The pipes face an empty plot, interestingly four of the pipes point straight while four are bent. One pipe is a little away from the others. The lone survivor in the grisly scene was the family’s dog.

The Delhi Police has also launched a manhunt for one ‘Baba Janegadi’ after the police received reports from the sub-district magistrate which contained statements of relatives and friends of the family.

Young members of the Bhatia family who lost their lives in the mysterious Burari deaths case dancing to Bollywood numbers two weeks ago at one of the deceased girl’s engagement ceremony.
One of the daughters of Narayani Devi Sujata who lives in Panipat, Haryana, was inconsolable as she reached her deceased mother’s house.

According to a forensic report accessed by a news channel,  the two teenagers,  Dhruv and Shivam, were killed first, after which the women followed. The head of the family 75-year-old Narayan Devi was the last one to die.

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