Chandigarh schools increase bus fare twice in six months

The Hush Post| 06:35pm |2-min-read

School bus fares have been pinching parents’ pockets in Chandigarh. The bus fare has been increased by upto Rs 1,200 per child per annum since the last few months.

The bus fare was increased in September last and now in April again. In September last, the association had raised the fare by Rs 600 per child annually owing to a surge in the fuel prices.

Trying to justify the hike, the Chandigarh School Bus Operators’ Welfare Association wrote:

In the 2017-18 session, there was an increase in the insurance cost of a 42-seater bus from Rs 46,000 to Rs 57,0000 (24 per cent) and the per litre cost of diesel rose from Rs 56 to Rs 62 (11 per cent). In 2018, the cost of diesel jumped to Rs 72 between April and October and from November to February 2019, it dropped to Rs 63.”

“The sharp variation in the diesel price has put an additional burden on the operators. Besides, an increase in the cost of lubricants, labour and maintenance of the vehicle has further increased the cost of running the vehicle by 10 to 15 per cent,” the association said.

The current bus fare in the city after the hike varies between Rs 1,300 and Rs 1,500 per child per month, depending upon the distance. However, buses ferrying children from Panchkula to Chandigarh charge over Rs 2,000 per month.

The bus fare is hiked by over 8 per cent every academic session.

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