Utsav Bains says, he never met CJI, refutes Prashant Bhushan’s claims, says, he lied

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Advocate Utsav Bains has refuted the claims made by senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan against him. Terming Bhushan’s claim incorrect, Bains said the senior lawyer had lied to The Wire, the media house which has been reporting the matter.

The young lawyer is in news after he claimed a wider ‘conspiracy’ around sexual harassment allegations against the Chief Justice of India Justice Ranjan Gogoi.

Citing advocate Nina Gupta’s version in The Wire, Utsav Bains said ‘Bhushan’s lie had been nailed.’

Prashant Bhushan had told The Wire that Utsav Bains might have had met the CJI twice on April 19 and 22, before he filed his affidavit.

Bhushan had claimed that Nina Gupta had heard Bains tell the security outside Gate E of the Supreme Court that he was called by the CJI. This was on the day Bains filed his affidavit in the Supreme Court i.e. April 22.

“CJI was not mentioned in the conversation that I heard. I heard Bains telling the security that he had permission to go inside the SC premises,” said Nina Gupta.

On April 22, Utsav Bains had reached the Supreme Court in a Jaguar taxi and his car was allowed inside the premises without an “SC sticker”. Senior advocate Indira Jaising had protested against Bains’s car entering the court’s premises without an “SC sticker”.

SC is a high-security zone and a vehicle requires an SC sticker or a special pass to enter the court premises.


Prashan Bhushan told The Wire that Utsav Bains had called him on April 20, a day after the story regarding sexual harassment allegations was published. Bhushan said that Bains had called him up and said that “he had met the CJI the previous night (April 19, 2019)” and that Justice Gogoi could still be “saved”.

The young lawyer also said that he will meet him and tell him about the “conspiracy”, Bhushan claimed, adding that Bains never turned up and instead published his accusations on Facebook. Bains, however, said in his post that he tried to meet the CJI at his residence but was unable to meet him.

In the report published on April 27, Bhushan says that he “had lost all respect for him” after seeing the post.

Prashant Bhushan then claimed that Bains again called him up on April 21 and he partially recorded the conversation.  In the conversation, Bains is speaking about an IB report which he wants to annex to his affidavit and is seeking Bhushan’s help. He says that “this IB report is coming from people who the government will call ‘anti-nationals’.”

Bhushan says that when he asked if Bains’ claims (of conspiracy) were based on IB report, Bains replied in the negative. Bains added in the phone call that the IB report is an old one and is only a part of this conspiracy but it “does not exonerate the Chief Justice. That does not say he is innocent. It is a larger conspiracy.”

Bains then hung up saying that the woman’s allegations against the CJI were an attempt to “destabilise the SC and judiciary”. He again told Bhushan that he will meet him the next day. But he never did so, says Bhushan.

Notably, Bhushan and few other lawyers like Kamini Jaiswal, Vrinda Grover and his father Shanti Bhushan, had helped the former SC employee file her affidavit against the CJI. The senior lawyer also facilitated her to get in touch with media platforms.


Utsav Bains, on his part, has denied having met the CJI. He, however, has accepted that he entered the SC premises on the afternoon of April 22.

“The story is imagination of Prashant Bhushan sir (sic). I never told him I met CJI, I told him it’s a conspiracy. Please ask him to prove that I told him that I met the CJI,” he told The Wire.

Bains also said that when Bhushan asked him to not be in contact with him on April 22, he told him, “You are a suspicious person and I don’t wish to be in touch either.”

He also denied meeting the CJI at the SC on the afternoon of April 22. He added that he had never asked the CJI for any appointment nor did the CJI give him any appointment “ever or on 22nd April”.

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