Compulsory military service for civil service hopefuls?

Fateh Veer Singh Guram @ The Hush Post: In an attempt to fill glaring vacancies in the armed forces, the Parliamentary Standing Committee has suggested that those seeking a job with the Central and State governments must put in a compulsory 5 years of service with the armed forces of the country.

The suggestion was made in lieu of nearly 20,000 vacancies, including 7,000 at the officer level in the Indian army, and 15,000 vacancies (each) including 150 (each) at the officer level in the air force and navy.

The suggestion involving compulsory military service is being considered by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), which is a wing of the government that reports to the Prime Minister. This wing is responsible for administering and making policies for all government servants.

The Standing Committee’s report further informed the Parliament that the “recommendation regarding providing five years of compulsory military service to such aspirants… with a view to overcome shortage of officers in the armed forces, has been taken up with the DoPT.”

However, the Committee also expressed its displeasure with respect to the Ministry of Defence, saying it “apparently, the Ministry of Defence has not taken up the matter with due seriousness with the DoPT”.

“The committee, while recommending five-year compulsory military service to such aspirants, has taken into account the fact that there is a perennial and alarming shortage of officers and PBOR (Personnel Below Officer Rank) in the armed forces, which needs to be corrected. The committee, once again expresses the desire that the issue of shortage of officers needs to be given priority for being addressed,” the report further said.



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