Delhi Chief Secretary assaulted by AAP leaders in the presence of CM Kejriwal?

The Hush Post: Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash has alleged that he was assaulted at the home of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by two AAP lawmakers,Amanatullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal, after being called to a meeting yesternight. Prakash alleged he was attacked in the presence of the Chief Minister, “held by his collar” and abused,his glasses fell off and broke.

Delhi chief secretary assaulted by AAP members
Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash exits after meeting Lt Governor Anil Baijal over his alleged manhandling by AAP members. Photo courtesy: PTI

On the other hand, calling the allegations as “ludicrous”, AAP said the Chief Secretary had been called at 10 pm but he came two hours late.  “He even used bad language against some MLAs and left without answering any questions,” said AAP in tweets.

The IAS Officers’ Association secretary Manisha Saxena told the media, “Anshu Prakash was called alone for the meeting at midnight. The Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and 10-12 MLAs were present.”

The Chief Secretary reportedly went straight to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal’s residence last night to complain about “misconduct and abuse” by AAP members.

“He is making ludicrous allegations, obviously…at BJP’s behest. If CS can make such wild allegations, one can imagine the kind of obstacles that are being created in AAP government’s work by BJP through the officers,” the party said.

The IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officers’ Association has demanded the arrest of the AAP lawmakers. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has sought a report on the incident from Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal after meeting representatives from civil services associations.

The BJP too answered back in the same coin. “Drunk on power CM (Chief Minister) was concerned about why more funds were not dispersed for advertisements. Such is the state of affairs under AAP,” tweeted Delhi BJP lawmaker Vijender Gupta.

Interestingly, Congress spoke against AAP, automatically being on the same side of the BJP. Congress leader Ajay Maken tweeted: “Kejriwal should apologise for this hooliganism which took place before him- AAP Govt is unable to deliver-Beating of Chief Secretary by MLAs in front of CM is another low & is aimed to divert attention from Govt failures! AAP does not know Governance and has failed miserably (sic)”.


  1. AAP and Delhi Chief Secretary seem to have come against each other on 20 February , 2018. An AAP MLA is reported to have filed a complaint against the Chief Secretary while Chief Secretary has also complained against some AAP. A first ever in India’s history , a sort of constitutional or substantial legal issue seems to have cropped up. Readers may find an implied alert for more care and appropriate strategy in this Vedic astrology writer’s article -“ Astrologically speaking , some highlights for India in coming year 2018” – published last year at and on 19 October , 2017. The related text of the article reads as :- “ About mid- March to 31 May 2018. Those involved in decision making , or governance of big enterprises or big organizations or think-tanks in the Govt could be prone to errors or fault-lines or controversies giving rise to need for revision or amendment. Northern India may keep these in mind. Such like States as Delhi can be indicated in that regard for better care and appropriate strategy”. The article also reads :- “ The year 2018 looks to be bringing to focus themes of political …………nature for a heightened or sharp analysis or discussion. Such analysis or discussion could pave way for new enactments or judicial pronouncements having far reaching significance or value covering issues related to ………..political class”. Here ‘political class’ means a class having explicit or implicit power to govern affairs of the Govt and as such bureaucracy and politician are meant.

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