Lady doctor murdered in Delhi’s Ranjeet Nagar

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Twenty-five-year-old woman doctor was found dead in Delhi’s Ranjit Nagar. The woman, identified as Garima Mishra, was found with her throat slit. Her body was discovered in her third floor flat at 11 pm on Tuesday.

Garima Mishra had completed her MBBS and was preparing for MD. She was from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Police were called to the spot and they found out that Mishra had shifted to Ranjit Nagar in January and used to share a flat with two other men. While she and the men lived in separate rooms, they shared a kitchen.

One of the men, Chandra Prakash Verma was seemingly close to the victim. The other roommate was Verma’s friend. Like Mishra, Chandra Prakash Verma was also an MD aspirant. Both Garima and Chandra Prakash were from Uttar Pradesh and practised in a private hospital.

Chandra Prakash Verma is absconding at the moment.

Mishra’s body was found by her cousin who had come to see her. He had been trying to call her as she had a bus in the morning but she was not picking up her phone. When he went to her house, he found the door locked.

Her cousin went to the adjoining house and saw that her room was open, the ceiling fan was running and a woman’s body was lying on the floor. When he broke the flat’s door, he found that it was Garima lying on the floor.

The CCTV footage shows Chandra Prakash Verma leaving the house. “He left the house in a hurry, saying that he had to return some books,” the landlord said.

The police have sent a team to Uttar Pradesh to track down the suspect Chandra Prakash Verma.

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