Delhi govt has banned playing recorded music in Delhi restobars

ban on music

The Hush Post: The Delhi government has banned playing of any recorded music at about 900 restaurants (restobars) across the city.

The order says that all the places which serve liquor can only play live bands.

The decision was taken after residents complained of noise from pubs in places such as Defence Colony, Khan Market, and Rajouri Garden.

When asked how live music was less noisy than recorded music, Delhi’s excise commissioner Amjad Tak said that live performances were “softer” and “controlled.”

As per the notice, playing recorded music at all such places is in complete violation of the L-17 licence norms.

In the coming days, inspections will be carried out across the city, and can even lead to the cancellation of licences.

Rule 53 (4) of the Delhi Excise Rules, 2010 states that the L-17 licence is issued to restaurants, which also uses the nomenclature resto-bars which serve alcohol to their customers. According to the rules, only live singing and playing of instruments is permitted.

However, this rule does not apply to “family restaurants” that do not serve alcohol. There is also no provision of issuing separate licences for pubs in the Capital.

“Having some kind of music adds to the ambience of a place, but not everyone can afford having live bands play for them every night. With band performances, we can’t really guarantee the kind of music we are offering to the audience either,” said Saurabh Oberoi, general secretary of the Hauz Khas market association. The National Restaurants Association of India said it will comment on the issue after internal meetings on the subject of the government circular.

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