Woman thrashes snatcher, video goes viral in Delhi

Nangloi woman beat snatcher

The Hush Post|2:34 pm|one-minute-read|

An incident of snatching was caught on camera in which a woman in Nangloi, Delhi was seen thrashing a man on a bike who tried to snatch her chain and then attempted to escape.

The CCTV footage of the incident which occurred recently is doing the rounds of social media and the woman is being praised in several quarters for her prompt response.

The moment the snatcher tried to flee, the woman caught hold of him and then others to joined to thrash the culprit.

The woman was riding a rickshaw with another girl and got off it on a street in Nangloi. After paying the driver, she was crossing the road with the girl as two men approached on a bike. While passing by the woman, the man seated pillion on the bike, snatched her chain. The woman immediately ran behind him and caught the man by his collar, forcing the rider to halt.

She pulled his hand and forced him to get off the bike, and thrashed him. By this time, pedestrians noticed the incident and surrounded the perpetrator and took charge of the situation.

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