Mother kills new-born baby girl

newborn killed

The Hush Post: A woman has been arrested for killing her new-born baby. Reason: The new-born was a girl and not a boy. The police arrested the accused on Friday.

The accused woman was admitted to a hospital in Moti Nagar in Delhi and was arrested soon after post-mortem confirmed that the infant was killed as she had injury marks on her face and other parts of her body.newborn killed

The incident first came to light when a nurse found the baby unconscious and reported the matter to one of the doctors. The woman, who was pretending to be asleep, suddenly woke up and started crying. The cops found injuries on the baby’s body and suggested a post-mortem.

Upon interrogation, the woman broke down and admitted to having killed the child as she and her husband wanted a male child. Her relatives told the police that when the woman was brought back to the ward, she told them that she and her husband wanted a boy. The accused woman already had two girls and a boy, her relatives added.

When the police questioned her, she started screaming calling the new-born child “unwanted” and kept saying that she wanted a boy. The woman also said that she was disappointed that her prayers went unanswered. The woman was subsequently arrested.

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