Delhi school locks up 4-year-old students in basement for several hours over non-payment of fees

Parents alleged that their children were locked for several hours and they had to report the matter to the police after their plea fell on the deaf ears of the school management

The Hush Post: The management of a reputed school in Old Delhi allegedly locked up many children in the age group of four to five years for several hours over the non-payment of tuition fee by their parents. The children were girls.

The incident that occurred last week was highlighted on Tuesday when the parents of the girls went to pick them up from Rabia Girls Public School last week. When they could not find their wards, they reported the matter in the notice of the school officials who said that the children had been locked in the basement as their tuition fees had not been deposited, a report said.

This sparked a big uproar with the parents going to the police to lodge an FIR when their repeated pleas to let set their children free fell on the deaf ears of school management.

Though the cops have refused to comment on the incident pending investigation, the school authorities were also tight-lipped and did not come forward with their side of the incident till now, the report said.

The report said that the school – a part of Hamdard Group – charges between Rs 2,500 and Rs 2,900 as fees for each child. Some parents claimed that they even paid the fees in advance and therefore, to keep their children locked absolutely baffled them. Several others said that regardless of the reason, the lock children as young as four and five is nothing less than a criminal offence and could scar the children, it was reported.

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