15-yr-old help chopped to pieces by middlemen; didn’t let her have a rupee of her salary for last 3 yrs

Delhi Police does a commendable job within a fortnight after chopped body parts gathered from different places

The Hush Post: This is a gruesome incident which would leave humanity feeling ashamed. A 15-year-old girl brought to Delhi from Jharkhand to work as domestic help is killed and chopped into pieces which are thrown off in a drain in outer Delhi. Not a single rupee of her salary for the last three years reached her inspite of the Rs 6,500 salary she earned each month.

The accused with the Delhi police team. Photo courtesy: The Hindustan Times

But the Delhi police delivered by solving the case after visiting about  2,500 homes before focusing on 200 houses in outer Delhi’s Nangloi area and zeroing in on a house where culprits could have been found. The search did not end there, they further had to search 45 villages in Gumla and neighbouring areas in Jharkhand to finally nab the culprit. The police was fast enough to crack the case in about a fortnight after a passer-by informed the police of dismembered body parts lying in a drain. The killers had chopped the body of the victim into at least 12 pieces after killing her.

Police said four persons, including a woman who works as a domestic help and the arrested accused Manjeet Karketa, were involved in the girl’s murder. One of the suspects was arrested from Jharkhand after which the alleged motive and the entire sequence of events of the murder was revealed.

The victim, identified as Soni Kumari, and a native of a village near Ranchi, was hired as a domestic help for a monthly salary of Rs 6,500. She worked as a full-time help at a businessman’s house in south Delhi’s East of Kailash area. “The employer would pay the monthly salary, but the people who brought her to Delhi were pocketing the money,” Rajender Singh Sagar, additional deputy commissioner of police (outer) told mediapersons.

The girl’s father had died many years ago. Soni lived with her mother and two brothers in Malgo village in Jharkhand’s Ranchi district. Three years ago, she had been brought to Delhi with promises of a high-paying job.

The people who allegedly lured her to Delhi included Karketa, 30, the main accused and his associates Sahu and Gauri. Without operating any formal placement agency, police said the trio would regularly bring girls from Jharkhand and get them employed as domestic helps in Delhi homes.

“Soni worked at a few homes in the city before being hired by a businessman’s family in East of Kailash. Her monthly salary was taken by Karketa, who had got her the job, by telling her employer that he was her brother. It also prevented the girl from escaping,” said one of the investigators.

After the first year in Delhi, Soni had begun demanding her dues and wanted to be sent back home. “Over the past few weeks, she had become more persistent with her demand. Karketa and his associates owed her more than Rs 2 lakh. They feared being reported to the police, so the trio planned to kill Kumari and roped in a fourth partner Rakesh,” the police said.

On May 3, the suspects brought her from her employer’s home to a house in outer Delhi’s Nangloi on the pretext of sending her back to her village. “The killers first hit her on her head. They then severed her neck before dismembering her limbs and torso. They packed her body parts into bags and dumped them into a drain in Mianwali,” the police revealed.

When the body parts were discovered by a passer-by the next day, police had to first identify the victim before tracking down her killers. A CCTV camera had recorded two suspects carrying the body parts in a bag, but their faces were not clear. The police photographed the victim’s face before launching a door-to-door search in Mianwali and neighbouring areas.


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