Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan plays Janak at Ram Leela

harsh vardhan

The Hush Post: Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan Singh played the role of King Janak at a Ram Leela event.

Dr Harsh Vardhan
Dr Harsh Vardhan on the right playing the role of King Janak.

Wearing traditional silk costumes and a sparkling crown he blurted out dialogues in chaste Hindi to a cheering crowd. Union Minister Harsh Vardhan on Friday ensured he conveyed the message on the importance of clean environment while playing the role of Janak. The event was organised by the Luv Kush committee at the sprawling Red Fort.

The minister was almost unrecognisable with a twirling moustache. As he started delivering his dialogues on the mega stage, Harsh Vardhan slipped in the message about clean environment. In a dialogue with Lord Rama, his character said, “I know you wish to live in a natural environment.” And, if air is pure, it will lead to healthy life, he said.

Before, the start of the programme, the minister also tweeted that he was going to play the role of King Janak, father of Sita.

Bhojpuri actor-turned-politician and Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has also performed in previous Ram Leela in New Delhi, among others.

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