Dreaming of owning a house in Chandigarh? Here is some good news

The Hush Post: For those who are dreaming of owning a home in Chandigarh, here is some good news. It would be now cheaper to buy flat from allottees of Sector-63 housing project. Similarly, persons who have purchased a flat from allottees, but have been unable to transfer it to their names owing to high fee, will also get some relief.  In the meeting of the Chandigarh Housing Board’s (CHB) governing body held on Tuesday, it was in principle decided that the transfer fee be charged at circle rates.Dreaming of owning a house in Chandigarh? Here is some good news

Non-official members of the CHB, Prem Kaushik and Tarsem Chand Garg, informed that it has been decided in principal to reduce the transfer fee of Sector-63 flats and the Housing Board will now fix the collector rates for the same. The CHB also charges Rs one lakh separately for removing the condition of locking period from the allottees.

Presently, UT administration charges five per cent of the circle (collectorate) rate for registry. On the other hand, the CHB transfers the ownership after charging 15 per cent of the allotment rate, which is quite expensive.  It is to be noted that there are different collector rates for different sectors in the city.

As many as 40 per cent of the 2108 flats, including single, double and triple bedrooms, in Sector-63 have been sold by the allottees. The Board has sold EWS category flats for Rs. 6 lakhs, 1 BHK for Rs. 17 lakhs, 2 BHK for Rs. 30 lakhs and 3 BHK flats for Rs. 40 lakhs. Presently, the transfer fee for a 3 bedroom flat is around 6 lakhs, however, after the meeting on Tuesday, the charges might come down three times.

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