Soon drones will transport organs from one hospital to another


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To beat the notorious traffic, soon Drones will be able to ensure speedy transportation of organs between hospitals. Union minister of state for aviation Jayant Sinha said the  authorities concerned will begin the registration of big drones from December 1. They are also looking at creating “drone ports” in hospitals.
Sinha said, “We will begin registration from December 1. Then the required licences will be issued from a month later to accord drones a legal status in India. We are working on the next step of our recently announced drone policy, where we are looking at allowing flying drones beyond line of sight (enabling operators to fly drones without having them in sight) in certain areas.”

But the most important consideration for this application is to have designated air corridors between big hospitals. “Drone ports in hospitals can allow quick transportation of harvested organs to recipients under the Drone 2.0 policy. The draft civil aviation requirement for the same will be issued for consultation on January 15, at a global aviation summit India is hosting in Mumbai,” Sinha said.

Special digital airspace will be created for use of drones, he added. In the next phase big changes are likely in the drone policy by allowing one pilot to operate multiple drones to allow things like using drones to deliver things in some areas. A white paper on this will be issued shortly, Sinha said.

Recently, India got its first set of rules for legally using drones. Getting a licence to operate a big drone (over 2 kg  will cost Rs 25,000 and extending the same will cost Rs 10,000.
Anyone flying a drone weighing over 2 kg will need formal training to do so from a DGCA-approved flying training organisation.

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