EC suspends IAS officer for checking PM Modi’s chopper

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The Election Commission suspended an IAS officer, posted as general observer in Odisha’s Sambalpur, on Wednesday night for checking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s helicopter. The commission said the officer violated norms in dealing with SPG protectees.

In its order, the commission said Mohammad Mohsin was suspended for actions contrary to its instructions concerning those being protected by the Special Protection Group (SPG) protectees.

Modi had visited Sambalpur to address an election rally on April 16.

The commission took the action against Mohsin, the general observer of Sambalpur, on the basis of a report submitted by the district collector and the deputy inspector general of police (DIG).

Modi was learnt to have been held up at Sambalpur for nearly 15 minutes because of Mohsin’s “actions”.

The Congress criticised the EC’s action against the Karnataka cadre IAS officer. “An official was suspended by ECI for doing his job of inspecting vehicles. The rule cited governs the use of official vehicles for campaigning. It does not exempt PM’s vehicle from being searched,” the party said in a tweet.

The Aam Aadmi Party also took a jibe at Modi in a tweet.

“Suspension of the officer who checked PM’s helicopter. The chowkidar lives in his own protected shell! Is the Chowkidar trying to hide something,” it asked.

“Checking of the Prime Minister’s chopper, undertaken at Sambalpur, was not in accordance with the EC guidelines as SPG protectees are exempt from such checking,” said an official in Bhubaneswar.

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s helicopter was also checked by EC flying squad personnel in Rourkela on Tuesday.

A similar check was carried out on Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s chopper at Sambalpur on Tuesday.


  1. Was the search a future linked jihadi plan , was it inspired by isi, or had it originated in pak or a foreign land?
    Reason: pm convoy carries this:
    – the nuke button,
    – the topmost secret files,
    – highly classified equipment to protect the z plus category.
    it shud be investigated if this ias officer, intention was, upon orders fr from isi/abroad, and did he succeed in getting and passing to isi, the above secrecy’s, topmost secret files which hhhe saw memorised, secret equipment which he learnt, nuke button briefcase detaails which he scanned… is ias officer capable to transfer this in future to isi foreign land ads? need to investigate this highly intelligent attack on pm convoy.

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