Elephants take out funeral procession like humans | Watch a heart warming video

elephant funeral

The Hush Post| 4:15 pm|two-minute-read|The human side of the wild is here for all to see. A heartwarming video has emerged in which a herd of elephants is taking out a “funeral procession” for a dead calf. The video has already gone viral.

This video was shared on Twitter by an Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan last week. Now it is being circulated on social media across the globe.

The video shows an elephant trudges out of the forest with the dead calf and carefully walks across the road. It steps ahead, thereafter, and stands waiting for the entire procession of the herd. The rest of the herd emerges from the forest and collects around the carcass, following which, the elephants again proceed together into the forest with the dead calf.

On the opposite side of the road people can be seen witnessing the entire incident.

“This will move you !! Funeral procession of the weeping elephants carrying dead body of the child elephant. The family just don’t want to leave the baby,” Parveen Kaswan’s caption of the post reads.

The video has been retweeted almost 7,000 times and has over 14,000 likes.

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