Exit Polls predict return of AAP in Delhi; give Kejriwal 50-55 seats

Arvind Kejriwal

Exit polls have unanimously predicted return of the Aam Aadmi Part Delhi. Most of the polls have projected 50-55 seats for the Arvind Kejriwal-led party in the 70-member assembly.

TV9 Bharatvarsh Cicero exit polls predicted an AAP victory with 54 seats. It gave 15 seats to the BJP and one to the Congress.

The Times Now-Ipsos exit poll gave AAP 47 seats, BJP 23 seats and zero seats for the Congress.

ABP News-CVoter also predicted another term for Kejriwal. It said that the AAP might win 49 to 63 seats while the BJP could manage to win 5 to 19 seats. The exit poll estimated that Congress could win 0-4 seats.

In the meanwhile Jan Ki Baat predicted that the AAP will get 48-61 seats and the BJP in between 9 and 21. It put the vote share of the AAP at 51.5% and 39% for BJP.

News X-Polstrat said the AAP could win anything between 50 to 56 seats and the BJP would follow next at 10-14 seats.

Similarly, the India News Nation predicted AAP sweep in Delhi. It estimated 55 seats for Kejriwal’s party and 14 to the BJP.

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