FASTtags mandatory for four wheelers from Dec 1 at Toll Plazas or pay double | Things to know

fasttag from December 1

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Fast tags on vehicles will be mandatory from December 1. The vehicles which do not have fast tags will have to pay double the amount payable at the toll barrier.

This has been done to ensure there are no long queues at toll plazas.

Now, that’s going to change with the mandatory FASTag, a sticker mandatory from December 1 for all vehicles.

The sticker is being given free till December 1. The cost of the security deposit will be borne by the government.

You can purchase it online and register or buy it and documents needed are the vehicle’s registration certificate, passport size photograph and KYC documents.

What is FASTag

The FASTag is an RFID sticker for vehicles. These stickers ensure that toll can be collected when the vehicle is in motion. RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification Stickers, contains electronically stored information. It uses an electromagnetic frequency to deduct the tag.

All toll plazas will have one lane at the left where one can pay cash, but at double the charge

Once the tag is pasted on the windshield, one can cross the toll plaza smoothly. Subsequently, the toll amount automatically gets deducted from ones account.

The almost non-stop movement of vehicles would be facilitated by dedicated FASTag lanes at the toll plazas.

When one reaches a plaza, there will be an RFID reader above that will read the FASTag. It will deduct the amount a prepaid account that is linked to that particular tag — removing any human interaction or need for cash.

All toll plazas will have one lane at the left where one can pay cash, but at double the charge.

There is a security deposit of Rs 150 that the government is currently covering.

FASTags come fitted on commercial vehicles since December 2017. Though, it wasn’t made mandatory til now. According to the National Payments Corporation of India, 6 million FASTags have already been issued.


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