Brother-sister duo stabs Flipkart delivery man over ‘late’ delivery of mobile phone

The Hush Post: In a shocking incident reported from Delhi, a Flipkart delivery man was stabbed multiple times for delivering a mobile phone late.

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The 28-year-old delivery man told the police that the attackers only spared him after he told them he would not let anyone know of the incident.

Keshav was attacked and seriously injured by 30-year-old Kamaldeep Kaur and her 32-year-old brother Jitender Singh. The duo resided in Nihar Vihar area of Outer Delhi.

Keshav was stabbed over a dozen times and was also choked with a shoe lace. The police have arrested the brother-sister duo.

Fearing that he would get murdered, Keshav pleaded with the two to spare his life. According to the police the duo only let go of Keshav when he convinced them he would not inform the police about the incident. The police investigator adds: “The siblings warned Keshav that they would kill him if he revealed their identities.’’

Kamaldeep Kaur has claimed to be an advocate while her brother is a driver. The police have seized the CCTV footage of the area which clearly establishes their role in the crime.

According to the police, “Keshav said he had delivered other products to the siblings on two previous occasions in the fortnight preceding the attack. On March 21, he went to the same address to deliver a cellphone worth Rs 11,000. But before that delivery, Keshav and the siblings were reportedly involved in a heated exchange on the phone about the timing of the delivery.’’

When he called Kamaldeep to confirm the address, she started calling him back asking him why he was getting delayed. Keshave also alleges that “when he reached the house, the siblings attacked him without warning.’’ As per M N Tiwari, deputy commissioner of police (outer Delhi): “Singh tired to strangle Keshav with a shoe lace. When he collapsed on the floor, the woman sat on his abdomen while her brother repeatedly stabbed him in his face, head and hands.

In order to wipe out all the evidence, the brother drove Keshav’s motorcycle to dumped it elsewhere. The two-wheeler is still to be traced. The CCTV camera captured the brother riding the motorcycle. It has also grabbed Keshav entering the building but not coming out of it.

The police further added: “After dumping the motorcycle, the siblings loaded Keshav in their Eeco van and dumped him along an isolated stretch of road over a kilometre from their home. They also burnt his carry bag near a drain in Uttam Nagar.’’

A severely bleeding and wounded Keshav was found by the police. Initially he told the police that he had been attacked by three motorcycle-borne men. The police adds: “However, the evidence at the spot did not substantiate his claims. The blood on his clothes was dry and there was no blood at the spot he claimed he was attacked.”

The police had to guarantee Keshav his security which is when he broke down and narrated his ordeal. While the brother-sister duo denied their roles, the CCTV footage scanned by the police confirmed their role in the assault.

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