Foetus ejects out of woman in loo while flying Air Asia, she says, she didn’t know

Air Asia

The Hush Post: A Taekwando player was flying to Korea for a competition. She went to the loo and when she came out, a foetus had ejected out. When an alarm was raised by the cabin crew about the discovery on Thursday, the 19-year-old player admitted that she had lost the foetus.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has registered a case in connection with the recovery of a foetus from a loo of an AirAsia plane after it landed in Delhi from Guwahati on Wednesday.

Subsequently, a post-mortem was carried out on the foetus to determine its gestational age. The woman was sent for medical examination, but she refused to undergo tests. The woman claimed she was not aware of her pregnancy and even her brother-in-law said her family was not aware she was pregnant, the officer added.

A senior police officer said, “The woman was called for questioning again and she said that she felt a continuous pain a day before boarding her flight and therefore consumed painkillers and antacids which led to excessive bleeding. We are consulting doctors if the medicines she consumed can cause any complications.”

He said that there is a probability that she might have been injured while practising Taekwondo that caused the foetus ejection. Meanwhile, she cannot travel to South Korea for the tournament as the police have taken her passport for questioning her.

Police have registered a case under Section 318 of the IPC, which pertains to “concealment of birth by secret disposal of foetus” and is punishable with a maximum term of two years and a fine, he added.

The cabin crew was conducting a daily check of the lavatories when they found the foetus wrapped in toilet paper.

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