Garbage Cafe in Delhi | You can exchange garbage for a meal

garbage cafe

The cafe offers snacks in exchange for 250 gms of plastic. A full meal in return for 1kg of plastic waste.

There are posters all around the mall to inform the maximum number of people about the initiative and so that people don’t throw away plastic as waste but can collect it to exchange for food.

Kuldeep Rathi, manager at the garbage bank claimed that the uniqueness of the outlet. It is situated inside a mall. Also, special attention is given to the quality of food.

Bhupinder Gupta, Chairman of the standing committee at SDMC said that around 8-10 kilos of plastic waste are collected at the cafe every day. Then it is sent for processing.  “The first garbage cafe was opened at Chhattisgarh and now another one here in Delhi to make it a  plastic-free city. If it is successful then we can open more such cafes.”

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