Pictures of JeM camp demolished in Balakot | one of the trainers in photos is IC-814 hijack mastermind | SEE PICS

Main hall of the JeM compound decorated with flags and banners of JeM

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Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) ‘s Yusuf Azhar alias Mohammad Salim alias Ustaad Gohri who was targeted on Tuesday by IAF #airstrike in Balakot across LOC was on the Interpol list and among the most wanted in India.

Media reports suggest that Maulana Yusuf has been killed.Though, there is no confirmation on it.
The government has released pictures of the biggest training camp of terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed that the Indian Air Force demolished in pre-dawn air strikes on Tuesday. It was spread over an area of around six acres at Balakot across the Line of Control and contained accommodation for over 600 people, large halls and dormitories.
Government sources have released details and photos of the terror camp – located around 80 km from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir or PoK – that show it included facilities like a firing range, swimming pool and a gymnasium. The huge facility was located on a hilltop and hidden by thick forests.
Key Jaish e Mohammed terrorists targeted in today’s air strikes: Mufti Azhar Khan Kashmiri, head of Kashmir operations (pic 1) and Ibrahim Athar (pic 2), the elder brother of Masood Azhar who was also involved in the IC-814 hijacking.

Mufti Azhar Khan Kashmiri
Mufti Azhar Khan Kashmiri
Ibrahim Athar
Ibrahim Athar

Below is the ammunition dump blown up in Balakot,Pakistan by IAF Mirages. The dump had more than 200 AK rifles, uncountable rounds hand grenades, explosives and detonators
Below is the staircase with flags of USA, UK and Israel painted in Jaish-e-Mohammed facility destroyed by Indian Air  Force jets in Balakot.
Key Jaish e Mohammed operatives targeted in today’s air strikes: Maulana Ammar (in pic 1, associated with Afghanistan and Kashmir ops) and Maulana Talha Saif(pic 2), brother of Maulana Masood Azhar and head of preparation wing

Maulana Ammar, associated with Afghanistan and Kashmir ops
Maulana Talha Saif, brother of Maulana Masood Azhar and head of preparation wing

Picture of JeM facility destroyed by Indian Ar Force strikes in Balakot, Pakistan

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