Have a pre-paid mobile connection? Charge it with Rs 35/month to avoid losing connection

The Hush Post | 9:00 pm | 2-minute read

Twenty-five crore mobile users in the country may lose their mobile connections. Major telecom companies – Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have decided to snap the connections of pre-paid users who spend below a specific limit per month. The companies have pegged this limit at Rs 35. It means that around 25 crore 2G mobile users who spend below this monthly limit may lose their connections.

Airtel has around 10 crore pre-paid customers who spend below Rs 35 per month. Idea and Vodafone together have 15 crore such users. These companies had started many plans earlier which cost just Rs 35.

The reason for this low usage is attributed to more and more customers opting for dual SIM mobiles and keeping more than two SIMs.  Majority of such people prefer to have a minimum recharge for their pre-paid secondary number. In such a scenario, this step is going to hurt those who possess dual SIMs.

The companies expect to generate revenues by fixing this monthly limit. If the 10 crore users of Airtel do a minimum recharge or Rs 10 per month, it earns Rs 100 crore. And if the minimum recharge is increased to Rs 35, the revenue increases 35 times.  Besides, the companies are planning to make their customers switch to 4G from 2G and go for smartphones.

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