Indian Railways revises Passenger Reservation Form to extend the VIKALP option to passengers booking tickets through reservation windows

Important things to know about new rules about train ticket reservations at railways site IRCTC
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Also, mentioning Aadhaar number is made optional for the passengers

The Hush Post, New Delhi: Ministry of Railways has revised its passenger reservation form to benefit the passengers booking tickets through PRS Counters across the nation. Now, the VIKALP scheme option will also be available on booking made through reservation windows and not just through online bookings.

In the revised reservation form, passengers are given an option either to avail the option of VIKALP scheme or not to avail it, where they may give their preference by ticking the column Yes or No. If the option of VIKALP is availed by passengers, he/she would have to mark his/her choice of alternate train departing within 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours. Also, the passenger is given an optional choice to mention their Aadhaar number in the reservation form.

It is noteworthy that with a view to provide confirmed accommodation to waitlisted passengers and also to ensure optimal utilisation of available accommodation, a scheme called Alternate Train Accommodation Scheme – VIKALP had been conceptualised and was introduced with effect from November 1, 2015 initially only for the tickets booked through internet as a pilot project for six months, on Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu sectors of Northern Railway. Later on, this scheme was extended in all sectors across Indian Railways. In this scheme, waitlisted passengers of a train can opt for confirmed accommodation in alternate trains.

Now, the benefit of the Vikalp option has also been made available through PRS counters and not just online bookings.

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